About us

Door Boys is a company founded by the need for the industry requiring a professional and honest personal approach to assist our clients to make a decision that requires fairly serious thought, considering that the garage door is often at least 50% of the front aesthetic of your home as well as in today's world with security being top of mind and the garage door being in many cases the front door to your home, we will take our experience and years of exposure in this market and share our best advice with our clients.

The owners and technicians of Door Boys have gained their knowledge from working in the industry in various parts of the world as well as having been part of one of South Africa's leading garage door manufacturing companies. We have created our product range from only using selected local quality products allowing us to be able to react and acquire materials quickly should you have an "oops" moment with your garage door.

It is our objective to as our slogan says "supplying you the best quality with the most experience".
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